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  • " Quick Import "~ Quick import material and test kits for the duration of 4 to 8 weeks
  • " Maintaining The Cold Chain "~ Distribution of kits and bio products in cold chain +4 , -20
  • " Customer Groups "~ Research Centers, Rrofessors and Students, Pharmaceutical Companies and Specialized Laboratories

About Us

Mahsan Daroo Teb is a company in the import and distribution of laboratory consumables and chemical engineering in the field of genetics, cell biology, molecular, cell culture, immunology, biochemistry, chemical engineering and microbiology works.
Mahsan Daroo Teb Has the support of the following activities:
I. Distribution of kits and bio products in cold chain +4 , -20
II. Quick import material and kits for 5 to 8 weeks
III. Meet all foreign exchange demand and Rial
IV. Quality Assurance and guarantee 100% of all delivered items


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